Bel Marra Health Sponsored Athlete, Amanda Pereira, Transforms Her Entire Body

Amanda PlankBel Marra Health is pleased to announce a new direction for our company. We’re excited to report that we have recently sponsored our first amateur athlete as a company.

We have partnered with Amanda Pereira, our first-sponsored Bel Marra Health Athlete. We have chosen to support Amanda in her training program and to take her progress to the next level by providing her with some of our industry-leading supplements, in preparation for her next fitness competition.


Amanda has been taking Bel Marra Health products for years. She recently reached out to us and expressed her satisfaction with the supplements and the positive effects they have been having on her health and weight. We reached back to Amanda and offered her the opportunity of a lifetime: to be the first-ever sponsored athlete to compete using Bel Marra’s products.

Jim Chiang, President of Bel Marra Health, expressed the company’s excitement at the new venture. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sponsor an aspiring athlete like Amanda, who embodies the healthy lifestyle that we and our customers believe in,” he said.

Amanda, a dental hygienist from Mississauga, Ontario, had struggled with weight issues her entire life. Growing up in a culture and family where gatherings revolved around food, she found it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight. After years of difficult transitions and self-education on healthy lifestyle choices, Amanda finally decided to embark upon a full transformation to improve her overall health and weight.

“I educated myself on healthy eating habits and exercise routines, and through this transition I found a passion for fitness,” says Amanda. The athlete took her new-found love for fitness further by signing up with personal trainer Michael Grayer, who helped her prepare to compete for her first fitness show in May of 2013.

“Being able to go up and compete on stage after facing weight issues my entire life was an unimaginable feeling,” she says. “Now, with the support of my trainer, a company sponsorship and products from Bel Marra Health, I can’t wait to see what I will achieve at the next show in October.”

Bel Marra Health will be providing Amanda with our clinically-proven products such as Real Green Coffee Weight Loss, LipoLose, and Immune Strong Cold and Flu Protection. “Seeing Amanda’s accomplishments and her transition into a healthy lifestyle is truly inspiring,” Jim says. “We can’t wait to see her succeed at her next competition. By incorporating our products into her rigorous training, I have no doubt that we’ll see Amanda succeed on stage,” he says.


About her weight loss journey, Amanda said “I have struggled with weight issues my entire life. I was the “fat girl” that everyone picked on in elementary school,” she said. All that changed after she took control of her life and her weight. “Now, there is nothing like feeling strong and confident in yourself. I don’t call myself a fitness model or competitor,” Amanda says. “I call myself a girl on a journey to be happy, and to make healthier choices to live a better life.”

We’re also happy to announce that we will be featuring Amanda’s story on our site over the next few months. We will be following her progress and fitness training as she prepares for her next competition in October. You can expect to see exciting pictures and videos of her transformation process on the website.

We believe that Amanda’s story can help our readers understand the challenges and rewards involved in transitioning into a healthy lifestyle. It is our hope that, in documenting our sponsorship of Amanda, you’ll gain something valuable from her experience that will help you make healthier choices in your life. As Amanda said, “It won’t always be easy; but nothing worth having ever is.”