Are Your Dry Hands Really Eczema?

Woman checking the hand with very dry skin and deep cracksYou may notice your skin getting a little dryer these days, but be on the lookout for eczema. Sometimes what may seem like some dryness may be a more serious condition.

Hand eczema can be a dry and painful condition that isn’t typically soothed by moisturizing. So if you’re regularly moisturizing to no avail, it could be eczema; without proper treatment and preventative measures, it can get worse.


Eczema can take several forms. It may look like patches of red, dark brown, purple, or grey irritated skin. It can be scaly, inflamed, or itchy. It can also feel like it’s burning or show up as itchy blisters, deep, painful cracks, and pus or bleeding skin.

It can flare up from a variety of triggers, including cooler, drier temperatures, while it may impact some sufferers in the summer because of sweating. It can impact people differently.

Certain chemicals or compounds can cause it, too.

Eczema flare-ups may be prevented by using a gentle, hypoallergenic hand cleanser, not washing too frequently, and making sure to rinse hands well. Be sure to lightly pat them dry, and don’t rely on the air to dry them.

Applying thick moisturizers during the day or petroleum jelly at night may be helpful. Some also find a vinegar soak, also known as an acetic acid dressing solution, to be helpful.


To apply it, you would soak a washcloth in the solution, wring it out, and wrap it around your hand. Next, you would put a tube sock over it and leave it for several hours or during sleep.

Talking to your doctor can also help you find a solution.

Take the pain and inflammation of eczema by being on the lookout for it this season. The sooner it’s identified, the more you can do to prevent the condition from progressing.

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