Are You Peeing Enough? How to Care for Your Bladder

Urinary incontinence concept. Wet person. Blue background. adult man holds hands the groin area and trousers wet from urine. Health problem. Medical concept.We often talk about problems when it comes to bladder control. What types of problems? Usually those that involve going too much.

Urinary incontinence is tough. The overwhelming urge to pee can stifle your quality of life and leave you at a significant risk for leaks. All of this can make the most straightforward task arduous.


But bladder control isn’t just about controlling high volumes or frequency of urine. It’s also about making sure you’re emptying your bladder enough and looking to see what is coming out of you.

The color of your urine can tell you a lot about your bladder. It can tell you if you’re well-hydrated or not while also shedding some light on potential infections or other health issues.

How frequently should you pee? Most healthy adults should urinate in the six-to-eight times per day range. However, several factors can cause that number to fluctuate. On some days, for example, it is perfectly reasonable to go ten times.

However, if you’re only going a few times per day, it may mean that you’re dehydrated or that urine is not leaving your bladder, and you run the risk of infection.


Having no urge to go is likely due to dehydration. If hours and hours are going by without urinating, and you’re not drinking water or are sweating profusely, you may need a drink. However, the best way to tell is by looking at your urine.

If it’s darker than lemonade, drink some water. If it’s any color other than clear or yellow, it could signify a host of health issues or bladder concerns.

So, what should you aim for? Try to go at least once every few hours. When you do, check the color of your urine. Light yellow or clear, and you’re hydrated—anything else, and it’s time for a drink or to call your doctor.

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