Are You Living Too Long?

As lives get longer, so does the list of things to worry about. And anti aging is a topic that applies to everyone.

Research shows that an individual is likely to live 34 years longer than their great grandparents. And with continued medical advancements, it’s possible that number could continue to increase.

As exciting as it is to imagine a world where people live well into their 90’s, it does pose a number of interesting questions for our country’s aging population, the institutions and business that provide healthcare, and for society as a whole.

People are bombarded with all kinds of information about various medications, supplements, diet and lifestyle choices that will supposedly increase the duration and quality of their lifespan. The key, as an individual, could be to decide what avenues towards a healthy existence are best fitted to you. When it comes to anti aging, there is a rarely a one size fits all solution.

With so many products, alternatives, diet advice and trends, many people feel as though they have to take something to endure a healthy life. However, studies show that most healthy individuals can get by with proper supplementation, a healthy diet and most importantly, a happy and stress free life. All of this can be hugely beneficial in the anti aging battle.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, best known for his work at CornellUniversityand his book, “The China Study,” has found evidence to believe that adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet can stop or reverse chronic diseases like cancer. In addition to the elimination of meat and dairy from ones diet, he recommends activity, spending time outdoors and if needed, minor supplementation for anti aging.

His findings, although praised by the New York Times and supported by a number of his colleagues and other health professionals, are not mainstream knowledge. Some say that if it were, the medical, pharmaceutical, meat and dairy industries would be hit by an economic tidal wave.

How you handle anti aging moving into the next two to three decades of your life, is very important from a variety of angles. Can you afford to live another 30 years by paying for all kinds of pharmaceuticals, diet, procedures and trying health “quick fixes”? Probably not.

Furthermore, maybe you don’t want to spend all your money on doctors when another key to a healthy life is happiness. Instead of budgeting for medicine, perhaps try budgeting for activities and the things that make you happy. South African studies have shown a person’s happiness is closely tied to their health, so focusing on what makes you feel good is important.

It can be a little unnerving to realize that you could have to finance another three decades of life. Try to assess the areas where you may need some assistance – pain relief, weight loss, memory – talk to a doctor or other specialist. Keep your quality of life in mind, and do your due diligence to maintain it. After all, decisions about anti-aging are some of the most important ones you will make.