Are There Natural Pain Relievers?

Loose tea from willow bark - Loser Tee aus WeidenrindeWhen you experience random aches and pains, you might not want to reach for pills. Instead, you may prefer to keep things a little less intense. Maybe some rest, relaxation, or a natural remedy.

Natural remedies may not necessarily work or be that much healthier than over-the-counter pain (OTC) medications. But they can be comforting, more cost-effective, and work to relieve pain.


They are also great alternatives for people who don’t react well to OTC pharmaceuticals.

Willow bark is one natural pain reliever that may be useful. It has been used for centuries to help ease inflammation, a common cause of most aches and pains.

It can be brewed in a tea or comes in liquid and capsule form and may relieve pain because it is a good source of salicin, a very similar ingredient to what is found in aspirin. Some suggest it can help with headaches, low back pain, and minor arthritic flare-ups.

Willow bark may have some side effects, including upset stomach and kidney issues, so use with caution.


Turmeric is a popular spice best known for its yellow color and use in curries. It is rich in a compound called curcumin that is recognized for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cloves may also help relieve pain. It features an active compound called eugenol, which is also used in some topical OTC pain creams. If using clove oil, dilute it with olive oil or another carrier oil before applying it to the affected area.

Heat and ice are tested and true treatments for pain relief. They can help take care of moderate pain, reduce swelling, and help get you back on your way. Cold works best to bring down swelling and heat works best to loosen up joints and muscles.

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