Are Socks the Secret to Sound Sleep?

girl with pink striped socks, sleeping in bedTo the dismay of many, there are people out there that sleep in socks. Those sock sleepers, however, could be onto something.

Sleeping with socks is a tale of two extremes: you likely either love it, or you hate it. For example, I can’t stand it. My partner loves it. She has a collection of socks tucked under the sheets on her side of the bed.


According to some limited research and a few experts’ opinions, socks might be helping her sleep better.

The observed benefits, however, are rather limited.

A small 2018 study of six young men showed that wearing socks to sleep in cool environments improved sleep quality, duration, and contributed to fewer overnight awakenings.

The benefits may have something to do with body temperature and blood flow. Warm feet may help open blood vessels to better cool the body and signal sleep, telling your brain it’s bedtime.

Socks, therefore, may be useful for people who experience cold feet at night or find their bedroom too cool.

If the idea of sleeping in socks is too much for you, it’s possible to mimic the effect by taking a short warm foot bath prior to bed. There is also data to indicate warming the skin around the eyes can promote better sleep.


Once again, the findings here are relatively weak, and it’s unclear just how well, or if, wearing socks to bed will improve your sleep. It is, however, a potential low-cost and low-risk option if you’re looking for ways to sleep better.

Temperature plays a significant role in your ability to fall and stay asleep. You generally want a cool environment with a layer of sheets and blankets that can help you adjust as you see fit. Sleep experts often suggest 60°F – 67°F as the ideal sleeping temperature.

Will socks save your sleep? It’s difficult to say. It really seems like it’s a matter of individual opinion. But if you’re looking for a way to improve sleep and wearing socks to bed isn’t bothersome, you might as well give it a try!

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