Anxiety can aggravate asthma: Study

By: Emily Lunardo | Health News | Sunday, November 15, 2015 - 09:00 AM

Anxiety can aggravate asthma: StudyNew research reveals that anxiety can aggravate asthma. Anxiety is characterized as having a fear of fear. Managing asthma can be much more difficult for those who also have anxiety, according to the recent study. The research comes from the University of Cincinnati.

The researchers studied 101 college undergrads who had asthma. The study mimicked an asthma attack by having participants breathe in and out through a narrow straw. Those who reported anxiety sensitivity also reported greater anxiety while breathing through the straw and experienced greater asthma symptoms, along with decreased lung function.

Lead researcher, Alison McLeish, Ph.D., said, “Anxiety sensitivity not only helps explain why we see higher rates of anxiety disorders, but also why anxiety is associated with poorer asthma outcomes.”

The study suggests that to improve the management of asthma, interventions for anxiety should take place.

The findings were presented at the ABCT Convention on November 14, 2015



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