Alkaline vs. acidic: Which is better?

alkaline foods vs acidic foodsYou may have heard that our body naturally has pH levels. This refers to the body being acidic or alkaline. Different parts of the body will reveal a different pH level. Typically, a pH reading of seven is considered neutral. And below a reading of seven means it is more acidic, above seven means more alkaline.

Acid and alkaline assist with many bodily functions, one major one in particular is our digestive system. Our stomach, for example, contains a lot of acid to break down food. Sometimes, based on the foods we eat, if they are more acidic or alkaline it can react with the acid in our stomach causing digestion problems.


Some people embark on an alkaline diet to balance their pH. It’s been noted that it may promote weight loss and overall better health. But is this really true? Before we explore an alkaline diet let’s consider a few more things…

You may think you can easily tell which foods are acidic and which are alkaline, but don’t be fooled; it can be quite tricky. For example, we look at a lemon and assume it’s acidic, but in fact when we ingest lemon it has a more alkaline effect. Another example is milk, we believe milk to be alkaline, but once it enters our diet it works as an acid. Confused? Let’s explore the alkaline diet to better understand its role along with foods and their acid or alkaline rankings.

What is an alkaline diet?

An alkaline diet consists of foods with a pH reading of over seven. Alkaline foods are typically fruits and vegetables and it’s been suggested that having a body slightly more alkaline is healthier.

There appears to be a rise in digestive issues with the American diet. Many people believe eating an alkaline diet can combat its negative side effects. But are we receiving benefits from foods being the right pH, or is it simply because the alkaline diet consists of foods that are whole and unprocessed? Whatever you believe, below is a chart to help you better understand alkaline and acidic foods.

The alkaline and acidic foods chart

alkaline foods diet chartalkaline foods diet chartChart credit:

As you can see processed, packaged or fast-food aren’t on the list for alkaline or acidic foods. Although these so-called alkaline foods may be able to change your pH levels, you’re probably receiving benefits from them because they are natural and provide the essential nutrients our bodies require.

Alkaline food versus acidic food

You may have been surprised by which foods fell under which category. One common theme across acidic and alkaline foods is that they are all natural. These are foods items that undergo minimal processing. Truly the take-away is to eat a well and balanced diet and you can receive health benefits.

Whether or not you believe eating certain foods more than others will improve your health, it’s safe to say that by limiting your intake of sugar, processed foods, high animal protein and artificial ingredients; you can begin to feel your best.

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