Add On to Your Blood Pressure Management Routine

chemical formula of coenzyme Q10There are no cutting corners when it comes to managing or lowering blood pressure.

By the same token, you can easily eliminate or reduce the effects of one lifestyle measure by failing to embrace another. For example, going for a 30-minute walk every day might not have the effect you want if you’re eating a Standard American, or Western, Diet.


Keeping blood pressure in check is a multifaceted endeavor. There are a lot of things you can do to manage your blood pressure, and you’re more likely to experience better results the more of them that you embrace.

So, regular activity and a healthy diet are given. They are probably the best tools to achieve healthy blood pressure.

But the list doesn’t stop there. Sometimes supplements might help. Good sleep can play a big role. Managing stress and finding time to relax can also help with blood pressure.

The more lifestyle changes you embrace, the more help you’re giving your heart to do its job.

Your body is naturally equipped to regulate blood pressure. Unless you were born with a cardiac issue or other illness that affects your heart, you’ve got the tools to have healthy blood pressure.

Natural compounds help make sure your heart pumps regularly and efficiently. Some, like coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, can diminish with age. Age can impact how your body produces these nutrients, and also influence how you absorb nutrients from food.

So, even if you’re eating a healthy diet, you may still be coming up short on nutrition. Older bodies tend to need higher levels of nutrition because of lower absorption.


In the case of CoQ10, a nutrient that is associated with healthier blood pressure and cardiovascular health, supplementation may be a useful tool to add to your daily regime.

Like anything, CoQ10 won’t singlehandedly improve heart health. But it can help ensure you’ve got enough of the nutrient to promote optimal function.

If supplementation isn’t your thing, you can always boost your intake of CoQ10 foods like fatty fish (salmon and tuna), meats, and whole grains.

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