Adapting Yoga as a Lifestyle Can Improve Your Cholesterol

Woman doing yoga exercise on mat at home. Healthy african woman practicing cobra yoga pose. Exercising at home during pandemic.Practicing yoga regularly can greatly improve high cholesterol levels. While many doctors suggest brisk walks or resistance training, yoga is also a great way to help lower cholesterol.

Overall, exercise is an established benefit to cholesterol with many anti-inflammatory effects. It can reduce the low-density lipoproteins, increase high-density lipoproteins, and largely affect triglycerides.


Yoga is compared to aerobics and resistance exercise. Although there is limited research on the link between yoga and lipid levels, there is a lot of data on how it can affect other aspects that impact high cholesterol.

A study from the University of Pittsburg found that the energy expenditure for Vinyasa yoga is reflective of a moderate to intense workout such as brisk walking. Physical activity at this level has plenty of health benefits that have been found to affect cholesterol levels such as lowered stress, improved mood, reduced depression, weight management, and lowered blood pressure and heart rate.

Vinyasa yoga is one of the many forms of the discipline that combines deep breathing and movement. Health experts recommend doing moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least 150 minutes a week. Vinyasa meets these requirements.

Yoga Lifestyle

It is important to remember to use yoga as part of a cholesterol-lowering routine. Do not stop taking cholesterol medications unless directed by your doctor. After incorporating yoga into a daily routine, many people find they want to adopt other elements of the practice as part of their lifestyle. This includes following more of a plant-based diet which has also been shown to be beneficial for lowering cholesterol.


Following a plant-based diet often leads to slight weight loss, which can lead to lower cholesterol levels. It also helps to cut out certain meats and dairy products that play a role in cholesterol. By bringing down saturated fat intake amounts, cholesterol levels also begin to decline.

Adding yoga to a daily workout routine can carry many benefits. Mindfulness is one reason to practice regularly. By reducing stress levels, cholesterol levels can be affected.

Overall, the exercise benefits of yoga are beneficial for those looking to lower cholesterol. But the lifestyle surrounding the practice can also go a long way to help with cholesterol levels as well.

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