The Weird Link between Your Achilles Tendon and Your Heart Health

achilles tendon heart attack riskThere is a tendon that stretches from your heel to your calf known as the Achilles tendon. It allows the foot to flex, which enables standing, running, walking, and virtually all movements. Although the Achilles tendon plays a significant role in our movements, it may also indicate our heart attack risk.

Researchers have found that those with a thicker Achilles tendon have a higher risk of heart disease and heart attack. The study found that people with thicker Achilles tendons generally had a higher chance of having a blocked artery and left main coronary artery disease, which is associated with a higher risk of heart attack and death.


The researchers still aren’t entirely sure as to how or why the link between the Achilles tendon and cardiovascular disease exists, so additional research is needed. The study does suggest that doctors should asses patients Achilles tendon as a means of painting a more accurate picture of a person’s risk of heart disease and heart attack.

The scientific name of the Achilles tendon is a calcaneal tendon. The term Achilles tendon is derived from Greek mythology, because that was the only area of Achilles’ body that was left vulnerable when his mother dipped him in the River Styx.

In people, this tendon is quite vulnerable and can be prone to tendonitis or even rupture. People may also experience microtears and acute injury or pain through everyday activity. A complete tendon rupture requires surgery, and a person will need to be off it for quite some time.

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