7 tips for a healthy mind

tips for a healthy mindWhile we know how important it is to keep our body in shape, exercising our mind is just as important for preserving our brain’s health. So, how can we ensure our minds are getting the workout they need? Here are seven tips to help you keep your mind in shape.

Seven tips for a healthier mind

1) Meditate. Meditation has been found to provide multiple neurological benefits including stress management, improved emotional well-being, and concentration. Taking time out to meditate for just a few minutes a day can help improve your mental well-being while reducing stress.


2) Learn. Just as lifting weights can build your physical strength, learning can stimulate your mind and keep it healthy and active. Take on a new language or pick up a new musical instrument to help keep your mind sharp and agile.

3) Eat well. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is great for your whole body – including your brain. Many researchers recommend following a Mediterranean diet for optimal brain health, as it has been found to have protective qualities that reduce the loss of brain volume with age. Foods like fish, nuts, olive oil, and poultry are staples. (Your best defense against the number one cause of premature aging.)

4) Socialize. Socializing regularly with friends and family can boost feelings of well-being and reduce the risk of depression and feelings of isolation. Research has found that socializing also improves memory and cognitive skills and may even increase your lifespan.

5) Sleep. Getting enough quality rest allows your body and mind to regenerate, and research has shown that a good night’s sleep can nearly double your chance of remembering information. (A good night’s sleep is nature’s best medicine.)
6) Quit. Unhealthy habits can wreak havoc on your mind and your body. Studies have found that smoking can increase your risk of developing dementia by as much as 70 percent, while drinking can worsen feelings of depression and anxiety. Quitting and cutting back on these habits can help you preserve the health and function of your mind.


7) Exercise. Regular exercise – specifically aerobic exercise – not only keeps your body in shape, but it can also increase the size of the brain region responsible for memory formation. Additionally, keeping physically active can help you manage symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as reduce stress. (There is a natural and scientific method that can help you regain your strength.)

Keep your brain on top of its game by meditating, learning, eating well, socializing, getting a good night’s sleep, cutting back on bad habits, and exercising regularly. These tips can help you naturally preserve the health and function of your mind.

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