These 7 Signs Reveal If You Have Healthy Digestion

toxic colonWhatever your body doesn’t use up from the foods you consume becomes waste and is released as stool. Generally, your body is quite effective at removing waste, but in some instances, you can become blocked up if waste is not properly removed. Stress, poor eating habits, or an unbalanced gut microbiome can all contribute to this waste buildup.

When waste builds up in the body, it can contribute to other health complications such as weakening your immune system.


To figure out if waste build-up in your colon is to blame for your poor health, pay attention to these signs and symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms You Have Waste in Your Colon

You’re tired: Having constant, unexplained fatigue could be a sign of a toxic colon. If you still feel tired regardless of how much sleep you’ve had, then your colon could be to blame. Your body could be using its energy to rid itself of the extra waste, leaving you fatigued.

You smell: Stinky breath, even after teeth brushing, and smellier than normal sweat are both signs of a toxic colon. Too much waste in the body can cause you to smell worse.

You have allergies: Excess waste in the colon can enter the bloodstream, which can turn into antigens and cause an autoimmune response, which turns to an allergic reaction. Some people may mistake the triggers of their allergy symptoms.

You’re gaining weight: Unexplained weight gain, regardless of diet, exercise, and sleep could be attributed to a toxic colon. What you put in your body isn’t being removed and is building up. Secondly, waste build-up triggers inflammation, which makes the body retain fat.

You can’t sleep: Difficulties falling or staying asleep can be attributed to a toxic colon, as it puts your body in a state of toxic stress that interrupts your sleep. Sleep helps with the removal of toxins, but if toxins are keeping you awake, you can enter a vicious cycle or poor sleep and more toxins in the colon.

Difficulties concentrating: Waste lining your colon prevents the absorption of nutrients, which are necessary to help you focus and concentrate. This means you have difficulties following along with tasks and staying focused. You may also be making simple mistakes on tasks that are quite easy.


You have acne: Adult acne is difficult to deal with. If you suffer from it, it could be a sign of a toxic colon. This is because toxins become released into the blood, which can translate to breakouts on the skin.

If you notice any of these signs and symptoms, it may be time to speak to your doctor about the health of your colon.

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