7 Hidden healing powers in your tea bags

health-benefits-of-tea-bagsYou’ve boiled the water, picked out your favorite tea, allowed it to steep and then finished off the mug. Your next step is to probably throw out the tea bag, right? Well think twice before tossing out that little bag of wonder.

Tea has been praised for centuries and continues to be popular in many cultures. Because certain types of tea contain antioxidants, it’s a great beverage to enjoy every day for your health. But the benefits don’t just stop in the cup. In fact, once that bad has been used for a brew, it can still offer you other health benefits.


Before you throw out that tea bag, consider these 7 healing powers your tea bag has to offer.

7 healing powers your tea bag has to offer

1. Soothe bleeding gums

soothe bleeding gumsWhether you brushed too hard or went through a minor tooth surgery, a black tea bag can help stop the bleeding and ease the pain. By simply placing the dampened black tea bag on the area, as well as biting down on it, you’ll have fast pain relief and no more blood.

The reason this trick works is because black tea is filled with healing tannins which can constrict the gums to stop bleeding and relieve pain. Furthermore, the tea will create a layer over the tissue blocking any infection.

2. Minimize a bruise

A minor injury can lead to bruising, so if you banged your elbow or hit your knee on something, reach for a tea bag. Once again using a black tea bag, soak it and apply it directly on the affected area and hold for about five minutes. This method works similar to how black tea can stop your gums from bleeding. The tannins help to constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. If a bruise does appear, it will be much smaller in size and heal quicker as well.

3. Treat a mild sunburn

shutterstock_127662245Maybe you went outside without enough sunscreen and found yourself with a minor sunburn. No worries, your tea bag can help with that as well. If the burn is isolated to one area, simply place the tea bag on that area. But if you’ve managed to expose your whole body, run the water of your tub with about 10 tea bags and allow yourself to soak.

Polyphenols – antioxidants found in tea – and tannic acid, which is a form of tannins found in polyphenols, both work to speed up the healing process of a sunburn. Another bonus, tea bags can even be used to treat razor burn.

4. Remove foot odor

foot-odorMaybe your favorite shoes are causing your feet to smell, but they just so happen to be the most comfortable pair you own! Besides making sure you clean your shoes, a tea bag can deal with the foot odor.

Steep a bath with some tea and allow your feet to soak for 20 minutes. Black tea is best for strong odors. The tea has the ability to close up the sweat-producing pores on the feet, and the tannins help to kill off the bacteria which can create the odor. Doing this daily can ensure you go each day without asking, “What’s that smell?”

5. Look more refreshed

Your leftover tea bags are more effective than cucumber slices for puffy eyes. Once your brew is complete, take the warm tea bag and place it over your eyes. For this remedy, any form of tea does the job as they all contain anti-irritant properties that can bring down the puffiness. Next thing you’ll know, you won’t have to waste time covering up the redness and puffiness as it won’t be there at all.
6. Remedy an insect bite

remedy-insect-biteIf you love the outdoors, then you know you’ll probably get bitten by some insect. Instead of spending money on creams or gels, steep some tea. Soak up the warm brewed tea with a cloth and apply it to the bitten area. Once again, the tannins will soothe the itch as well as bring down the inflammation. 

7. Renew your lips

Sure, lip balms can instantly soothe your lips to make them soft again, but soon after they feel dry. You get into an endless circle of applying and re-applying the balm. With tea bags, you can apply them much less often and have longer-lasting results.


The antioxidant properties of tea are enough to repair damaged cells and promote cell renewal within the lips. This can be done as often as you like, and just requires pressing a black tea bag on your lips for about 30 seconds.

Tea – not just for drinking

No matter what type of tea you prefer to cozy up with, it can go much further than just your mug. These are some of the simple ways you can continue to use your tea bags to benefit your health. So whether you want to look more refreshed or relieve an irritating itch, tea bags are a natural way to aid in minor ailments.


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