6 natural stomachache remedies

Sometimes, our stomach just doesn’t feel right. It’s gurgling, it’s in pain, and it gets us running to the bathroom. An aching stomach can be due to numerous reasons, including stress, food, and indigestion. Unfortunately, it can strike at any time, meaning you could be out enjoying yourself when the nagging feeling comes on, putting a damper on your plans.

Don’t let an upset stomach rule your life – take charge and try these six tips to help soothe your stomach woes.

6 tips for an aching stomach

Meditation: Believe it or not, meditation has been shown to offer relief for stomach troubles time and time again. This is because stress can upset the stomach, so reducing stress through meditation can promote pain relief.

Lemon balm: After the meal, brew yourself a lemon balm tea to aid with digestion, and reduce gas and bloating.

Apple cider vinegar: Many people have found consuming apple cider vinegar in warm water with honey prior to a meal helps reduce post-meal stomach pains.

Acupuncture: Small studies have shown that acupuncture can lessen indigestion by blocking the pathways that send pain signals to the brain and by altering acid secretion.

Chamomile tea: Drinking chamomile tea after a meal can ease indigestion.

Yogurt: Eating foods like yogurt that contain probiotics can promote regularity and ease stomach troubles. Probiotics are good bacteria that promote smooth digestion.

By trying some of these tips, you can help ease stomach pains and improve digestion naturally.

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