5 tips for better vision

Checking vision on the table Golovin.Vision problems are quite common the older we get but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to become victim to failing vision. In fact there are natural things you can do in order to maintain healthy vision.

Some vision changes are minor and so we may not even notice them, but others can be quite dramatic which can negatively impact our daily activities. Although wearing glasses or contacts can be helpful in maintaining vision, following these five tips can help you continue to see the big world around you.

5 tips for better vision


Protect your eyes from the sun

vision careJust like your skin needs protection from the sun, your eyes, too, require the same treatment. When our eyes become exposed to ultraviolet radiation it increases our risk of developing cataracts. Therefore in order to reduce this risk it’s important to protect our eyes from the sun.

Wearing sunglasses is a good start to protect our eyes and for further protection opt for lenses which have UVA/UVB protection. Wearing a brimmed hat as well can help protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. Lastly, always remember to never look directly at the sun.

Get your eyes checked regularly

check upThe first line of defense from any vision or eye-related problems is to get your eyes checked regularly. Visiting an ophthalmologist on a regular basis – once every six months or once every two years depending if you have any pre-existing conditions – can ensure any changes to vision are found right away and so treatment or corrective lenses can be implemented sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, if you are diabetic or have high blood pressure your vision can change because of either condition. Be more vigilant if you have another condition which can affect your vision and ensure you are seeing your eye doctor regularly.
Maintain a healthy weight

Believe it or not but your weight plays a role in how you see. This is because being overweight puts you at risk for diabetes and other conditions which can impair your vision. It’s been found that diabetics have a 72 percent higher risk of developing cataracts compared to those without therefore it’s even more important to maintain a healthy weight and prevent diabetes and hypertension.

Eat foods for your eyesfoods for eyes

Your diet, too, can affect your vision. Just as your body requires nutrients to perform its many functions your eyes also need specific nutrients in order to maintain their health. Some eye-friendly foods consist of oranges, dark leafy greens, foods enriched with folic acid and even olive oil as it has been shown to reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration – an eye condition which occurs through aging.

Exercise regularly


Exercise isn’t just good for the body; it’s good for the eyes, too. One study found that those who regularly exercised – ran nearly six miles a day – lowered their risk of cataracts by one-third.

In another study those who partook in regular cycling – 40 minutes four times a week – lowered elevated eye pressure which is a sign of glaucoma. The study did also find that those who returned to a sedentary life had eye pressure levels increase revealing the importance of regular activity.

By following these five tips you can help ward off age-related vision problems and ensure that your eye check-ups continue to run smoothly.



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