5 foods you should always have in your refrigerator

healthy-foods-to-eat-everydayWhen your pantry and refrigerator are stocked with chips, ice cream and cookies healthy eating becomes much harder. So it’s important that if you want to eat healthy you should replace them areas with healthy options.

When it comes to healthy foods the list is near endless and of course it can get quite pricey to have every food item. Worse yet, they can all get spoiled before you even get to enjoy them. Narrowing down your options is a good way to not only eat well but receive maximum health benefits.


To make healthy eating easier, here’s a list of five health foods that should always be kept in your refrigerator.

5 Foods to keep stocked in your refrigerator

1. Broccoli: Broccoli is a star player in a main dish and makes for a great snack. Because you can enjoy broccoli raw it benefits of broccolican be an easy go-to when you need something to crunch on. Additionally, broccoli carries a slew of health benefits.

Broccoli can work to improve bone health because it’s packed with vitamin K. Furthermore broccoli can help you relieve constipation because of its fiber content. These reasons alone should have you heading out and buying these green veggies.

2. Berries: Especially since they are now in seasons it’s a good idea to stock up on berries. Berries contain high levels of health benefits of berriesantioxidants which work to fight against free-radical damage.
A large study conducted by Harvard examined the benefits of blueberries and strawberries consumed at least three times a week. The findings among the study group of 93,600 women revealed the more berries the women consumed the more they reduced their risk of heart attack.

Berries are great on their own or added to dessert and smoothies so they definitely should be a staple in your refrigerator.

3. Eggs: What better way to start your day than with eggs. Better yet, eggs are so versatile you can even use them in your eggs benefitslunch or dinner. But if you’re looking for their biggest punch, start your day off with them.

Eggs are packed with protein so they will have you feeling fuller, longer – which means no binge-snacking later on! Eggs can also boost your energy, keep your brain healthy and maintain vision. I think it’s fair to add eggs to the list of superfoods for all they have to offer.

4. Plain Greek yogurt: Why do we suggest plain Greek yogurt? Well, when you opt for the plain variety it gives you more options to add in more beneficial foods as well as minimize added sugars.

yogurt benefitsGreek yogurt is hailed for its creaminess so you won’t be missing frozen yogurt or ice cream with this food item. Greek yogurt has protein and probiotics which means it’s gut-friendly and can keep you going throughout the day.

5. Hummus: You may not have seen hummus on a list of food you must have but you really should! A basic hummus consists of olive oil, chick peas and garlic – that’s it!


Olive oil on its own has be touted for it’ many benefits especially because it’s a good source of monosaturated fat – the healthy kind of fat. Hummus is also rich in protein which can aid in weight loss and promote feelings of fullness.
Chickpeas on their own also contain many heath benefits. Some include their fiber content which can help regulate sugar levels in diabetics. Furthermore, they contain all the essential nutrients and vitamins to support bone health as well as a healthy heart.

The best part? Hummus can be spread on just about anything! So enjoying it is super easy. Look for an organic version in the store or better yet make your own in a food processor. Hummus can be made in a variety of ways, so whether you have a taste for red peppers or olives, these ingredients, too, can easily be added.

The next time you head out to the grocery store keep these five food items in mind. They are great options to keep you full, energized and most of all, healthy.



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