4 Ways to Improve Bedroom Performance

4 ways to improve bedroom performanceThere are many different types of arthritis, but they all share one common trait – pain. Living with pain is not enjoyable; it can make easy tasks seem difficult, and it can deter you from doing a lot of your favorite activities. For this reason, arthritis is a large part of why you may be having issues with your libido.

Pain can really come between you and your spouse. When it hurts to move, you simply don’t have the desire to get in between the sheets with your loved one. But arthritis doesn’t have to steal your libido or hurt your bedroom performance any longer.


One study from Turkish researchers used nearly 200 women – 95 of them had rheumatoid arthritis. Each woman was evaluated for arthritis pain, depression and sexual health and frequency. The women who suffered the most pain also reported the least amount of sexual activity. But researchers found something more surprising – arthritis-related depression was actually to blame for the low libido more than the pain. Arthritis pain alone can limit a person’s ability, but paired with depression that pain can feel much worse.

Arthritis may contribute to depression because a person may feel like they simply cannot do what they used to, so a lack of ability may trigger depressive symptoms. Aside from treating arthritis-related pain, depression also needs to be treated, especially if you want to boost libido.

4 tips to boost libido for those with arthritis

Here are four tips you can utilize to create that spark while reducing pain.

4 tips to boost libido for those with arthritisGet hands-on:

Ask your partner for a gentle massage. Not only are massages a great way to boost circulation – a key factor for libido – but the feeling of being touched also sparks sexual arousal.

Stimulate yourself:

We have five senses – hearing, sight, taste, sound and touch – which work together to create an experience. By stimulating these senses you can relax, which can ease pain and help get you in the mood. Listening to music, dimming the lights, enjoying a meal and lighting a scented candle can bring the both of you together for the last sense – touch.

Start with a kiss:


In our busy lives everything seems to be get-up and go and get it over with, but sex needs a build-up and thus we have foreplay. Kissing and embracing each other releases hormones that make us feel good – and pain-free.

Give compliments:

When was the last time your partner complimented you, or vice versa? If you’re sitting there scratching your head, it has clearly been too long. It seems the longer we are with a person, the less we feel the need to give out a compliment. We all know that compliments are nice to hear, so we should be offering them up as well. When we give compliments it creates romance and boosts appreciation – and what is sexier than feeling appreciated? Try saying something sweet to your honey and see how things progress from there.

Although arthritis may hinder your libido, not all is lost if you practice these four tips. But if you suspect that depression is what’s bringing you down, make sure you seek treatment early for a quicker recovery.



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