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4 best foods for joint pain relief

Now that you’re older you probably experience more joint pain than ever. All those years of running around, and maybe even experiencing a few breaks or fractures, have finally caught up with you. Some days the pain is simply too bad to even get out of bed.

Living with joint pain can be debilitating and really limit your physical abilities. But you don’t have to let joint pain get in the way of living the way you want to – not if you follow a diet that includes these foods for joint pain relief.

Best foods for joint pain relief


OrangesNot just an immune-booster, oranges have been shown to help with joint pain as well. One study gave osteoarthritis knee pain sufferers orange-peel extract over the course of eight weeks. Patients reported a reduction in knee pain and they also had lower inflammatory compounds compared to the group who received a placebo. To receive the same effects leave the white “fuzzy stuff” on the oranges when peeling, and always use a whole orange when making smoothies.


Fatty fish is the up-and-coming all-star when it comes to overall good health, so it’s no wonder salmon can help with joint pain as well. Studies have found that those who consume salmon reduce inflammation in their joints and are able to reduce their use of pain medications.

Extra-virgin olive oilExtra-virgin olive oil

Research from the University of Catania, Italy included extra-virgin olive oil in the diet of rats who had joint injuries. The researchers found that after eight weeks the rats had higher levels of lubricin – a protein that helps protect cartilage and lubricates joints.

Extra-virgin olive oil can be easily incorporated into anyone’s diet, as a dressing or even while cooking. Better yet, it has been shown to boost brain power as well.


KefirThis fermented milk is growing in popularity as more and more benefits come out regarding fermented foods. The bacteria strain found in kefir is known as L. casei, and during a study participants were given a dose of it every day for two months. At the end of the two months researchers noted lower inflammatory markers as well as less joint stiffness compared to those in the placebo group.

Kefir can easily be added to cereals or even smoothies in order to get your fill. It’s also important to note that the unsweetened variety contains more of the helpful bacteria than the sweetened variety.

If you’re tired of joint pain taking over your life, try incorporating these foods into your diet to reduce inflammation and get moving once again.

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