Tips to winter-proof your skin

tips to winter proof your skinThe winter does not only come with harsh freezing temperatures, but it can wreak havoc on your skin. That’s why you must take extra steps in order to winter-proof your skin during the colder months. Experts have put together some recommendations for helping maintain healthy skin throughout the cold season and into the warmer months.

For starters, if your skin usually gets dry, it is best to use an oil-based cream, as it tends to be less irritating than water-based creams. People with dry skin should also avoid harsh peels, alcohol-based products, and astringents, which can further strip the skin of oil.


A cheap and effective way to treat dry, chapped lips is with petroleum jelly, which not only treats the dryness, but can further prevent it as well.

When showering or bathing, leave the bathroom door closed to keep the humidity in and stick with warm water rather than turning the tap all the way to hot. When exiting the shower, blot your skin instead of rubbing it, and apply moisturizer soon after to lock in moisture.

Even when stepping outdoors, you need to further protect your skin with sunscreen. Although it is not hot outside, the sun rays are still powerful and can lead to damage. Dermatologist Dr. Nicole Burkemper recommends, “Gloves are important, and leather gloves hold in warmth better than cloth or woven gloves. You should also remove wet gloves and socks as soon as possible since the moisture can actually worsen dry, irritated skin.”
“If dry, itchy skin does not respond to the above recommendations, see a dermatologist. Severe dry skin may need a prescription ointment or cream, and dry skin may be a sign of a skin condition that needs medical treatment,” concluded Dr. Burkemper.


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