4 quick fixes for better digestion

By: Dr. Victor Marchione | Colon And Digestive | Monday, August 10, 2015 - 04:15 AM

4 secrets to improve digestionFor thousands of years in India they have practiced a style of alternative medicine. It’s translated name means “life” and “science.” The practice uses Ayurvedic medicine and it has helped the Indian people eat well, prevent illness and live a better life.

The basis of Ayurvedic medicine is inter-connectedness. It combines the community, the individual’s health and the universe. Treatment is very individualized and herbs, exercises and diet are tailored to the individual.

Although Ayurvedic medicine focuses on all aspects of health, we will focus primarily on their teachings about digestion. Digestion problems are ever-growing in today’s society and is a common problem seen among seniors. For this reason let us reveal some secrets from Ayurvedic medicine to help better improve your digestion.

4 secrets to improve digestion

1. Eat only when hungry

improve digestionDo you find yourself mindlessly snacking? Eating when you’re not hungry can lead to indigestion. When your stomach is empty that is when it can work its best to break down food. If you eat when you’re not hungry and your stomach isn’t empty it can lead to bloating and cramps.

Furthermore, we may feel hungry when in reality we are actually dehydrated. If you feel the need to eat, try to drink some water and see if that helps. Additionally, staying hydrated will reduce bloating.
2. Your biggest meal should be lunch

lunch mealIf you’re feeling bloated post-dinner, it’s probably because the meal was too large. It’s best to have your largest meal around lunchtime so you have enough time to burn off the calories and digest properly.
Our digestive system tends to slow down as the day progresses, so for optimal and easy digestion, eat your largest meal by noon.

3. Eat slowly

We live in a fast-paced world so of course we tend to eat our food quickly as well. This can disrupt our digestion and lead to indigestion. Not only will eating slowly improve digestion but we should become mindful of the food in front of us. Take the time to look at the portion and really chew your food – this will make digestion easier as the food is in smaller pieces. Lastly, by eating slowly you will become fuller faster, and you will find you don’t eat as much as you would if you rush the meal.

4. Relax post-meal

relax after mealIf you want to improve your digestion it’s recommended you breathe, relax and even take a brief stroll. Unfortunately, though, with our busy lives we eat and jet off to the next activity we have planned. By not relaxing post-meal we run the risk of minimizing circulation and blood flow to the stomach, this makes digestion harder and can lead to indigestion.

These are just some quick and easy tips to improve your digestion according to Ayurvedic medicine. As you can see the main principle is to become more mindful. Mindfulness will not only improve your digestion, but can improve overall well-being.

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