You Should Be Doing More of This in the Winter

winter sexWe are fast approaching winter, but maybe where you live, it’s already been feeling like winter. This is a time where many of us stay in, as the days are shorter and definitely colder. While many of us may choose to be lazy and watch more TV during this time, there is a much better thing you could be doing.

Believe it or not, but winter is the best time to be having sex, and lots of it. If you don’t believe me, read on for some very valid reasons why you should up your bedroom activities this season.

Why You Should Have Sex in the Winter


You need to stay warm: Sure, you can layer on a bunch of blankets, but you can easily stay warm by sharing body heat with a loved one. In the summertime, you may be hot and sweaty, which is pretty uncomfortable. But in the winter, you’re already cold, so having sex just brings warmth without too much sweating. Plus, you’ll be more inclined to cuddle afterward to maintain that heat.

Reduce your risk of cold or flu: Did you know having sex boosts your immune system, meaning you have a better chance of fighting off colds and flu.

It boosts your mood: With the lack of sunlight means a lack of vitamin D, which is necessary for a happier mood. Many of us tend to get down during the winter but achieving orgasm can increase your mood.

You have the time: Let’s be honest, you have much more time in the winter to get busy as you aren’t spending your time outdoors.

Aside from these facts, sex is just fun and creates intimacy between you and your partner. Therefore, why not take advantage of this chillier time of year and amp up your bedroom activities instead.

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