What’s the Deal with Celery Juice?

celery juiceEverywhere you look, people are talking, drinking, or posting about celery juice. There have been several claims that consuming celery juice first thing in the morning can offer you a slew of health benefits, but is celery juice just another health fad or are these claims valid?

Some suggest celery juice has aided in improving mental health problems, infertility, and eczema.


Celery alone is a healthy vegetable. It contains flavonoids, which may aid in the reduction of inflammation in the brain. Celery is also packed with fiber and other vitamins and nutrients. Above all, it is very low in calories, making it a great go-to snack. But this is just the vegetable itself – when you juice it, some of this changes.

Juicing vegetables increases sugar levels and carbohydrates along with adding calories.

As of now, the research behind celery juice as a “cure-all” is actually quite limited. There isn’t much research to suggest that celery juice is a beverage that we should all be hooked on. Furthermore, juicing fruits and vegetables often depletes the fiber content of the vegetable or fruit. Fiber is what makes you feel fuller for longer, along with providing other digestive benefits such as feeding the intestines and keeping you regular.

So, if there isn’t much to suggest that celery juice is some amazing elixir, why is it so popular? Well, you can thank Instagram for that!

Many health experts suggest eating raw celery rather than drinking it, but they aren’t deterring people from enjoying the beverage. Instead, they are cautioning that it isn’t a miracle in a glass – drink it out of enjoyment.

Whether you believe in the celery juice hype or not, know the facts before you jump on any food trend.

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