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venous reflux disease symptomsAfter a long day, do you come home with heavy, tired legs? Is your ability to sleep halted because you experience restless leg syndrome? You may only think you’re merely overworking your legs, but these symptoms could be a sign of venous reflux disease.

Venous reflux disease doesn’t always reveal itself in spider or varicose veins, and many people directly suffer with the symptoms without acting on them. In patients with spider or varicose veins, it is true that they have a higher risk of venous reflux disease, but this disease can still be present without the visual representation.


In healthy legs veins, there are valves which help push blood back up towards the heart to complete the circulatory process. When these valves become diseased, it becomes increasingly difficult for blood to return to the heart, so it begins to pool in the legs. This can result in swelling, tiredness, and heavy sensations of the legs.

Many people believe that varicose veins are a result of aging, but these veins are filled with an abnormal collection of blood, which can lead to serious health consequences.

Venous reflux disease can be treated, and your risk of health problems can be reduced as long as you speak to your doctor about how you’re feeling. Some treatment options include compression stockings, elevating your legs, weight loss, and exercise.

In more serious cases, there are simple outpatient procedures that your doctor can perform which are minimally invasive to correct varicose veins. The first step is to talk to your doctor to determine what mode of treatment is best for you.

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