Don’t Let Bladder Leaks Stop You from Your Favorite Activity

leaks and runningIf you’re favorite activity is running you my be deterred to complete it if you suffer from bladder leaks. Bladder leaks are embarrassing and uncomfortable and the constant bouncing caused by running can make them worse. You may have to put off running as a result of your leaks, but you shouldn’t let your bladder dictate your life.

When you’re running you have less control of your bladder which ups the risk of leaks. But there are things you can do to get back to running and worrying less about leaks.

Tips to Control Leaks to Enjoy Running


Empty your bladder prior to a run: Emptying your bladder prior to heading out can help reduce the risk of leaks because you won’t have much fluid in you to leak out.

Plan toilet stops: Depending on where you are running you can map out a route that allows for bathroom breaks.

Still stay hydrated: You may want to avoid drinking water when running in fears of leaks but you should do quite the opposite. Losing hydration causes fatigue and can irritate the bladder more so which can trigger leaks so it’s important that you stay well hydrated.

Do physiotherapy: A physiotherapist can help you work on pelvic strengthening exercises to help reduce the risk of leaks.

Wear the right footwear: Proper footwear is necessary to reduce your risk of injury but also leaks. How your feet hit the ground can impact your bladder. A shoe that has greater impact absorption will put less stress on your bladder as opposed to a more worn out shoe with less absorption.


Dress appropriately: Wear highly absorbent workout pants/shorts which are high enough to support your core.

Listen to your body: You know you body best, for example if running on certain terrains ups the risk for leaks, try to avoid this. If running for certain amounts of time ups the risk of leaks then modify your schedule, etc. Becoming aware of your bladder leak triggers can help you better control them and thus help you reduce the risk of leaks while running.

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