The Shocking Careers Who Worry About Their Joints

joint inflammation associated with careersJoint health problems can be painful and even debilitating. There are many things that can cause inflammation, pain, arthritis and other joint health problems and your job may be one of them. Below is a list of the top 5 worst occupations when it comes to the health of your joints.

The Joint Health and Inflammation Associated with…Athletes

People who make a living as professional athletes often fall victim to joint health problems later on in life. Dancers, tennis players, baseball pitchers, soccer players, football players, basketball players, gymnasts and runners all share a very high risk for arthritis and other problems with their joints. These sports are especially problematic because they put a tremendous amount of repetitive strain on the same specific joints.


Pretty much all types of competitive athletic endeavors involve repetitively straining certain joints, and as a result, competitive athletes as a whole have a high risk for aching joints and inflammation related joint problems such as tendonitis and bursitis. Also, due to the nature of athletics, athletes are at a much higher risk for bodily injury, which can cause inflammation and chronic joint health problems.

The Joint Health and Inflammation Associated with…Construction Work

Construction work often involves unnatural vibrations from tools and excessive pressure on the body; both of which can cause wear and tear of the joints. Lifting heavy items incorrectly can increase the risk for arthritis, and using a hammer regularly can compromise hand, wrist and shoulder joint health. Construction work also involves a high risk for accidents and injuries that can permanently damage the joints.

The Joint Health and Inflammation Associated with…Musicians

People who play instruments often have to contort their bodies into unnatural positions for long periods of time in order to play. Playing instruments also involves repetitive movements of the hands and fingers and overtime, many musicians will develop pain and stiffness in those joints. In addition, many musicians have loose joints, which allow them to stay in tune with their music, but those loose joints also increases their risk for joint injury.

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The Joint Health and Inflammation Associated with…Office Work


Surprising as it may seem, office work puts a person at risk for a variety of joint health problems. People who spend long hours typing away at their computers on a daily basis, have a high risk of developing joint problems. Many people who type for a living do not position their hands and wrists optimally, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis of the hands and wrists. Certain seating positions can also lead to excessive strain on the muscles and joints and overtime it can lead to poor posture and chronic joint health issues. An improper seating position can also lead to chronic inflammation and pain and may even lead to debilitating injury.

The Joint Health and Inflammation Associated with…Teachers

Last but not least is teaching. Teachers are on their feet all day long, which puts them at risk for arthritis of the foot. Teachers who do not wear proper, supportive shoes, or worse female teachers who wear high heels, have an even greater risk of developing inflammation and arthritis of the foot and ankles. Writing on a chalk board all day long doesn’t help either; it can put undue stress on your neck and shoulders and cause relentless joint pain.

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