Take control of your digestion, naturally

improve digestion naturallyAt some point in our lives we’ve experienced unsettling digestion. Feelings of bloating, gas and constipation can really hinder our ability to partake in our favorite activities. Sometimes we know what the cause of our poor digestion is, like eating a large meal, acidic foods, or enjoying something we may be intolerant to. But other times it can creep up on us and worse yet, even last for days.

If you’re struggling with your digestion and have finally had enough, try some of these tips and take control of your digestion naturally.

Don’t bring technology to the table


enjoying a mealIt seems technology has become a large part in all our daily activities, so much so we even eat our meals with it. But this is wrong. Enjoying a meal is the one time where you should focus on that task at hand, especially if you’re eating among others. Technology works as a distraction and can actually mess up our digestion.

Whether you bring your Smartphone to the table, or sit in front of a TV and eat, both can lead to poor digestion. When we stay plugged into the outside world while eating we may feel stressed and even rushed. Stress can lead to overeating and eating too quickly can make it harder for our food to be broken down.

One study revealed that those who watched TV while eating were more likely to gain weight. The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, revealed that, because TV watching is distracting, it can lead to overeating by 25 percent. We all know that stress and weight gain can negatively impact our health overall, but if you want to help your digestion, unplug yourself from technology.

Chew your food

chew food for better digestionYou may find this hard to but sadly we are not chewing our food enough times in order to create proper digestion. Digestion starts in the mouth so you’re not giving yourself a fair chance to digest properly if you’re not chewing your food enough.

Because we live such busy lives we no longer take the time to eat. In fact, a British survey on chewing revealed that 33 percent of the population eats meals on the go which can set you up to chew less and swallow more.

If we do not chew our food not only does it lead to digestion problems but that can lead to sleep problems, weight gain, constipation, mood swings and lowered sex drive. Worse yet, foods that are not properly digested cannot be absorbed fully by the body, so your efforts of eating well get lost.

Therefore, the next time you eat be conscious of how often you’re chewing your food. One digestive wellness expert recommends at least 30 chews before swallowing.

Eat healthy

healthy food for digestionThis has to be the most obvious tip for better digestion and yet in America we still have a junk food problem. The Cleveland Clinic reports that on average Americans consume 152 pounds of sugar in one year! The unfortunate part is that sugar is addictive and the more you consume the more you’ll want. The cycle may seem never ending but curbing your sugar can help your digestion.

Although healthy foods provide us with sugar which the body turns into energy, sugars like fructose are much more harmful. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation fructose was found not to be broken down in the same way as glucose. In fact it can lead to the formation of fat and decreases insulin sensitivity which can lead to diabetes.

Eating whole foods that provide the body with energy and that get absorbed or broken down is a sure way to improving your digestion.

Stay hydrated


junk foodWater is the best natural way to aid in digestion. Water promotes waste removal and can soften stools. Because our bodies are made up of so much water we need to stay hydrated to stay well.

Drinking water is useful in relieving bloating as well as constipation and should always be drunk if you’re taking fiber. Fiber without water can cause you to feel much worse, so try to get in as much of the clear fluid as you can. To improve water’s ability and taste, just add some lemon.

If you’re tired of your digestion taking over you and want to take back control, these easy natural tips can definitely help. When it comes to digestion, the solutions aren’t hard, it’s all about being mindful of what you put in your mouth. Another tip to note is to get yourself checked for food allergies or intolerances. You may be reacting to foods because your body can’t handle them. Being made aware of what won’t work for you is also a great way to improve digestion.



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