Surprising Ways to Deal with Painful Headaches

Happy beautiful senior man, white beard and grey hair, holding transparent glass in his hand and drink water. Smiling wife near by. Concept healthy life and diet for senior people. Closeup.Headaches hurt. If you’re experiencing them regularly, they do a lot more than that. They can make it impossible to focus, think, and enjoy your day.

Of course, it’s easy to reach for a Tylenol or Advil, and hope it will work this time.


That might not be the best plan. For one thing, your liver probably doesn’t love having to process that much medication. It can also get expensive. Over-the-counter pain medications also do nothing to address the potential causes of your headache.

Instead, your headache remedy could be a few simple lifestyle adjustments away. In fact, these natural headache relief options may surprise you.

Drink water: Inadequate hydration can cause headaches. Research has shown that chronic dehydration is a common cause of both tension and migraine headaches. Simply drinking some water may relieve headache symptoms in as little as 30 minutes.

Dehydration can make headaches ruin your day, and eating water-rich fruits and vegetables may help prevent painful headaches.


Cut back on booze: The holidays can lend themselves to higher alcohol consumption. And while a drink or two won’t cause a headache in most, it can trigger migraines in people who experience frequent headaches.

Stick to mocktails or alcohol-free options if you believe alcohol is contributing to your headaches.

These natural headache remedies help address the root causes of your headaches. Give them a try to save some money and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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