Strong bonds with your coworkers beneficial to health

Strong bonds with your coworkers beneficial to health

Sharing a close bond with your coworkers could have mega benefits to your health, according to new research studies. Lead researcher Niklas Steffens said, “We are less burnt out and have greater well-being when our team and our organization provide us with a sense of belonging and community — when it gives us a sense of ‘we-ness.”

The researchers analyzed 58 studies involving over 19,000 employees in 15 countries. They found that employees who strongly identified with their coworkers had better health outcomes and a lower risk of burnout.

The researchers revealed that having good social bonds at work can have positive health benefits, but no cause-and-effect relationship was established.

Steffens added, “These results show that both performance and health are enhanced to the extent that workplaces provide people with a sense of ‘we’ and ‘us.’ Social identification contributes to both psychological and physiological health, but the health benefits are stronger for psychological health.”

Mental health benefits may come from receiving social support from others and having meaningful social connections.


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