Smart Pill Success Story

Success Stories

My husband is taking The Smart Pill and has been a patient in a nursing home for nearly four years with memory loss.
When he first entered the home his memory was almost completely gone and he was not able to put words or sentences together, just mumblings. After two and a half months on The Smart Pill he is putting a few short sentences together and several individual words. When I’m not with him, he asks the girls where I am by my name and calls me by name when we’re together.
When I enter his room he always greets me with a big smile and is happy to see me. He is eating and sleeping well, and physically he is in good health. I see quite a difference in him and I’m very happy with the changes. We hope to carry on with The Smart Pill for some time and we will continue to recommend it to all of our friends.

D.R. Kelowna, BC