4 Signs That Reveal You Have Healthy Digestion

digestion symptomsOur body is capable of pretty amazing – and gross – things. Some of the grosser things involve our digestion and include farting, burping, constipation, and diarrhea. Many of us don’t talk about our digestion, but we should, as it could provide insight into whether we have a healthy digestion.

When we put food in our mouth, the digestive process has already begun. Once it’s chewed, it continues its way down. There are several different processes which come into play to ensure our food is properly digested.


When our digestion isn’t up to par, we often feel sick or experience symptoms as a result. But in order to know whether or not your digestive system is working well, you may want to pay closer attention to some of those gross symptoms you experience.

4 Gross Symptoms That Reveal Your Digestive Health

Smelly farts: Nothing is more embarrassing than being in a room of people and passing gas – especially if it smells! But a smelly fart signals that you’re getting adequate protein. These farts can smell like rotten eggs. If you smell something else, this could be a sign of something more serious.

Burping several times post-meal: Burping several times after a meal – around four times – is your body’s way of releasing gas and pressure. Being unable to burp signals bloating and trapped gas. On the other hand, too many burps tied with a burning sensation could mean acid reflux.

Frequent peeing: You may say you have a small bladder, but really, you’re just well hydrated. As long as you don’t experience pain, burning, foul-smelling urine, or other signs of infection, a pale-yellow pee throughout the day just means you’re drinking enough water.


Smooth poop: You may not think to check in the toilet bowl post-bowel movement, but you should, as it can provide you with valuable insight regarding your health and diet. A smooth, long poop is quite healthy. Furthermore, if it sinks, that’s a sign that you’re getting adequate vitamins. You can reference the Bristol Stool Chart to see whether or not you’re having healthy bowel movements.

Although these symptoms may be gross, they’re all done for a good reason – to reveal you’re digesting well!

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