Promote Liver Detox and Much More with This Sweet Snack

honey before bedIf you’re looking for a sweet treat before bed, then look no further than a spoonful of honey. It may not be your conventional late-night snack, but it’s a beneficial one for sure. Honey has been consumed throughout the ages for its medicinal properties and health benefits.

Here are five reasons to consume honey before bed.

5 Reasons to Have Honey before Bed


Promotes better sleep: If you’re suffering from poor sleep, honey may be the answer. Honey aids in the production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. Adding some honey to chamomile before bed will promote a better night’s sleep.

Fat burning: It’s been studied that active individuals who regularly consume honey tend to burn more fat.

Improves the liver: Sleep is a time of restoration and renewal in the body. If you want to help out your liver, consuming honey before bed may be the answer. This is because honey helps activate the removal of toxins.

Immunity boost: Combine garlic and honey for a powerful illness fighting combo.


Energy booster: Studies have shown that consuming honey for two weeks is associated with more significant improvements of the cardiorespiratory systems, which reduces fatigue when active.

As you can see, simply adding a little sweetness to your life can go a long way in supporting overall health. Just ensure that you are correctly brushing your teeth, as honey can contribute to cavities. Furthermore, if you have diabetes, speak to your doctor before adding honey to your diet.

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