Product Returns

Return Procedure:

Canadian Returns send to: Bel Marra Health

PO Box 77001
RPO Martingrove
Woodbidge, ON L4L 9S3 Canada
Toll Free 1-866-531-0466

USA Returns send to: APS Inc.

c/o Bel Marra Returns Processing
1371 SW 8th Street, Unit #1
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069 USA
Toll Free 1-866-531-0466

Your complete name and address, as it was provided when placing the order.

All returns must be sent with tracking information or delivery confirmation to ensure that both customer and our Returns Processing team can verify that the returned product is delivered back to our facility.


Canada Post Service – with Delivery confirmation
United States Postal Service – with Delivery confirmation
UPS Delivery – with package tracking
FedEx Delivery – with package tracking

Note: Having Delivery confirmation ensures that there is Proof of Delivery to expedite your refund processing. Cost of return postage is at customer’s expense.

Copy of the packing slip or Order Number will also expedite your refund, as it will be easier to identify your return.

Note: If you ordered a multiple months supply where you received FREE bottles, the refund will be calculated based on the number of bottles you returned with an average price calculation based on your purchase price.

Return Process Time Frame:

Allow for 7-10 business days for your package to arrive in our Returns Processing Facility. Please hold onto tracking and delivery confirmation numbers until you have received your refund, so you have Proof of Delivery.

Once the return is confirmed at our Returns Processing Facility, a credit will be issued to the credit card you used to pay for the product. Bel Marra reserves the right to issue corporate checks for returns less than $100. We strive to apply the credit within 15-30 business days of receipt and verification your return is in our Facility.

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