Postmenopausal Women Need to Work on Preventing Muscle Loss

Postmenopausal women preventing muscle lossMenopause is defined as the point in a woman’s life where menstruation ceases. Among other changes, hormones can begin to change, which leads to health changes. Many women go on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to preserve their health. HRT has been shown to help reduce osteoporosis, bone fractures, and heart disease, all of which can increase after menopause.

HRT is considered generally safe, and the majority of women can use it to prevent adverse health outcomes. Doctors can work with women to make personalized plans for HRT.


Menopausal women also experience an increase in visceral fat around the abdomen and suffer greater muscle loss. Working with your doctor on an HRT plan that can combat both of these can be quite effective. Fat can increase, and muscle loss can occur as testosterone and estradiol reduce while cortisol levels rise. By explicitly adding more testosterone and estradiol to one’s HRT plan, you can reduce the risk of muscle loss and fat accumulation.

To further reduce muscle loss, it’s essential that menopausal women engage in resistance training and cardio activity on the regular.

Lastly, it is recommended to ensure you’re getting adequate amounts of other vitamins and minerals to help support overall health and reduce the risk of other health issues that can arise when aging. This can be done either through supplements or consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet. This diet should also include plenty of protein so that the body can help build and maintain muscle.

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