Home-based care for heart patients shows cost-effective

Home-based care for heart patients shows cost-effective

A study from Griffith University shows that for heart patients, home-care is an effective cost-efficient form of treatment. Management of heart disease after leaving the hospital is important for long-term success and recovery.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. Home-care for individuals with congestive heart failure includes reminders to take medications, education to recognize signs of early heart problems, creating a heart-healthy diet and meal plan and assisting with daily activities.

Two-hundred and eighty patients with congestive heart failure were chosen from three different hospitals and received multidisciplinary disease management.

The goal of the study was to uncover a way to minimize readmissions into hospital as well as lower mortality. With this in mind, researchers explored the idea of home-based care for those who received treatment for congestive heart failure. They compared the effectiveness of home-based care administered by specialized nurses and healthcare professionals with clinic-based care by a specialist in a hospital.

Healthcare cost and quality of life were examined as well.

Lead author Dr. Shoko Maru said, “A range of methodologies we used have converged on a common conclusion: HBI is likely to be cost-effective if decision makers are willing to pay up to $50,000 per quality-adjusted life year. The net benefit of HBI appeared to be pronounced among the patients with a low level of self-care confidence or with fewer co-existing diseases.”

With populations living longer that means more demand for the healthcare system. Therefore, it is important that we uncover cost-effective means that still provide ample care without breaking the bank.

Maru added, “Our findings inform the long-term cost-effectiveness of intervention intended for a lifelong disease such as CHF.”

The findings were published in the International Journal of Cardiology.



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