Going on a roller coaster may help pass kidney stones

Going on a roller coaster may help pass kidney stones

Kidney stones are quite painful, and if you’ve ever had one you know how badly you want it out! The good news is, there may be a quite enjoyable way to release kidney stones, and it involves a roller coaster ride.

There is evidence to support that enjoying a roller coaster ride can help pass a small kidney stone.

The researchers created a 3D silicone model of a kidney containing urine and placed three different-sized stones in it. The model was placed in a backpack and underwent 60 roller coaster rides.
Lead researcher Dr. David Wartinger said, “A ride on a moderate-intensity roller coaster could benefit some patients with small kidney stones.”

The passage rate of the stone was nearly 17 percent when the backpack was at the front or near the front of the ride, and jumped to 64 percent at the back of the ride.

Dr. Wartinger added
, “Passing a kidney stone before it reaches an obstructive size can prevent surgeries and emergency room visits. Roller coaster riding after treatments like lithotripsy [using sound waves to break up stones] and before planned pregnancies may prevent stone enlargement.”


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