5 Exercises to Boost Libido

Exercises to boost libidoExercise can play an important role in boosting one’s libido for many different reasons. For starters, it can support healthy blood circulation, which is essential to ensure that sexual organs work effectively. It can help you maintain a positive body image, which can boost confidence. It helps release endorphins that make you feel good and can put you in the mood. Lastly, exercise can help keep other health problems at bay that negatively impact libido.

Clearly, exercise is an integral part of maintaining good health along with boosting libido.


Here are five types of exercise you can incorporate into your life to help you boost your libido.

5 Exercises to Boost Libido

Strength training: This type of exercise involves using weights and resistance bands to promote muscle strength. But strength training can also help reduce stress, which can hinder libido.

Kegels: This may not be an exercise you complete in a gym setting, but it’s still important to complete as it helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles. This not only prevents urinary leaks but can improve sexual function.

Yoga: Yoga can help reduce stress, improve sexual function, and reduce the risk of premature ejaculation.


Walking: Just 30 minutes of walking a day is enough to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 41 percent, according to research carried out by Harvard University.

Swimming: This activity offers similar benefits as walking along with improving sexual endurance.

Incorporating different exercises can offer a broader range of benefits and ensure you continue to have a healthy libido.

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