Eat These Foods to Improve Blood Circulation

blood circulation foodsIf you have poor blood circulation, you may become more aware of it during the winter months as it can worsen. Your toes and hands may feel colder as the temperature drops and it may take your body longer to warm up.

One easy way to start feeling warmer and promote blood circulation is by eating the right foods.


Blood circulation is vital for good health, as it acts like gasoline in a car, it fuels your body to ensure all organs and cells are being nourished. When blood circulation becomes limited, that is when problems can arise and poor health.

Here are the best foods to consume to get your blood circulating around the body to support your health.

Best Foods for Healthy Blood Circulation

Pomegranate: This antioxidant-rich fruit has the right nutrients to ensure your blood vessels stay open and wide to allow blood to flow through freely. It has been noted that consuming pomegranate juice prior to a workout can help oxygenate muscles and reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which have been linked to temporarily improving blood circulation.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps blood vessel dilation and aid in reducing blood pressure.

Garlic: Garlic contains sulfur compounds which increase tissue blood flow and helps to reduce blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels.

Walnuts: Walnuts contain components that help produce nitric oxide in the body, which is necessary to dilate blood vessels to allow for greater blood flow to pass through. Walnuts have been found to help reduce blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes may help reduce angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) activity, which can cause blood vessels to constrict which can limit blood flow.

Turmeric: Turmeric has been used for centuries as a vasodilator to open up blood vessels and promote blood circulation. It also aids in nitric oxide production, which is a key component to healthy blood flow.

Watermelon: Watermelons contain a component that helps open up blood vessels. This same component is found in other fruits and vegetables with red skin. Watermelons also boost hydration which is another important factor in boosting blood circulation.

Oranges: Citrus fruits in general have the proper vitamins the help naturally thin the blood, making it easier to pass throughout the body.


Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper, both fresh and dried, can help strengthen arteries and blood vessels. Its components boost blood flow and help stimulate the release of nitric oxide, which opens up blood vessels.

Other lifestyle habits that can further improve your blood circulation include smoking cessation, regular exercise, losing weight, staying hydrated, and reducing stress.

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