Drinking Today? Here’s What To Eat Before

Savory oatmeal with sunny side up egg and avocado for breakfast overheadIt’s Saturday afternoon and to break the monotony of the quarantine, you’re having a virtual dance party with a few friends. And if it’s anything like last weekend, you might have one drink too many.

Breaking up the monotony of self-isolation can be a challenge on the best of days. So, sometimes it’s normal to want to let loose a little bit. If part of your routine involves a drink or two on occasion but has the potential to turn into more, you want to be ready.


Regular consumption of alcohol, if in excess of a drink or two can be damaging to your liver and metabolism.

But occasionally having an additional one or two can help with mental health as well. This is true only if you’re imbibing with others and using the booze to enhance a good time rather than cope with depression.

Supplementing any anticipated drinks with proper nutrition is highly recommended. Doing so can slow the absorption of alcohol and potentially ease the burden on your liver.

You might not want to think about liver health when you’re drinking, but what you eat leading up to, and when drinking, can slow the pace at which the alcohol hits your liver. Here are a few items to include in your diet before drinking:

  • Eggs: Having an egg sandwich can help slow the absorption of alcohol by keeping you feeling full. Other protein-rich foods can also be beneficial by keeping you fuller for longer, perhaps limiting the incentive for snacks or another drink.
  • Oats: An excellent source of fiber and some protein, oats can help you stay full and ease the effects of alcohol. There is also evidence to suggest that oats may improve liver function and protect it from alcohol-induced damage.
  • Fruit: Bananas, berries, melon, and other nutrient-rich fruits may also help limit alcohol’s negative impacts. Vitamins like potassium and magnesium, antioxidants, and water are all useful tools in curbing alcohol’s effects.

When it comes to choosing food prior to drinking, opt for healthy foods. Nuts, salmon, and other nutrient-dense items can all aid your body and liver, helping you to potentially drink less and feel a bit better when all is said and done.

By no means will these foods ultimately negate the effects of drinking, especially heavy drinking. But they can provide a little bit of reinforcement on the occasions where you relax with a drink or two.
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