This Common Beverage Deemed Safe in Heart Failure Patients

alcohol and heart failureRecent study findings uncover that for heart failure patients, limited alcohol consumption is deemed safe. It’s associated with survival benefit versus long-term abstinence.

The study looked at a prospective cohort study involving 5,888 community-dwelling adults over the age of 65. Of the group, 393 individuals were diagnosed with heart failure during the nine-year follow-up period.


The researchers uncovered that 32.8 percent of participants reported alcohol consumption post-heart failure diagnosis. Consumption of seven or less alcoholic beverages a week was associated with a mean survival of 383 days compared to those who did not consume alcohol.

The mean time from diagnosis of heart failure to death for non-drinkers was 2,640 days, 3,046 days for those drinking between zero and seven glasses a week, and 2,086 days for those drinking over seven drinks a week. The longest survival was seen among those who consumed over 10 drinks, coming in at 3,381 days after diagnosis.

The authors concluded, “Given the possibility of health benefits with limited alcohol consumption following this diagnosis, further efforts to determine optimal levels of alcohol consumption in adults with heart failure and whether this differs by age, sex, left ventricular ejection fraction, or cause of heart failure are warranted.”

Always speak to your doctor about alcohol consumption. Every person is different, and depending on what medications you’re taking, alcohol may be dangerous.

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