Can Compression Stockings Improve Vein Health?

Varicose veins prevention, wearing Compression Stockings Thigh during flightVaricose veins are not only unsightly, but they can lead to quite a bit of pain and discomfort. More seriously, they can indicate problems with vein health and circulation. Can compression stockings help?

There are estimates that up to 40% of Americans may be affected by chronic venous insufficiency. This means that blood, usually in the legs, is having a hard time moving up your veins into the heart. The blood can pool and lead to problems like varicose veins.


Compression stockings may help ease the symptoms of varicose veins by improving circulation. But you might not need to spend the money on these devices right away.

If you’ve got mild symptoms, like minor aching or swelling, regular pantyhose or knee-high socks might do the trick. These are significantly less expensive than compression stockings and can be useful in some cases.

Wearing these everyday items in addition to boosting activity may help improve circulation to restore vein health.

If symptoms are more severe and causing massive disruptions to your life, like an inability to walk, sleep, or put on shoes, then compression stockings are a good idea. You’ll ultimately want a prescription from your doctor and go in for a custom fitting.

Compression socks can be rather difficult to put on and will take some getting used to. They are designed to be tightest in the foot and get looser further up the leg. This design helps push blood up and through the veins back to your heart.


The socks should be worn during the day and get removed at night. If you spend a lot of time sitting or standing for work, wearing compression socks or knee socks is recommended. If you have little opportunity for movement during your shift, they can be a real help.

By promoting blood flow through the veins, compression socks could ultimately help with overall vein health and circulation while being able to get rid of symptoms like swollen ankles, aching legs, fatigue, restless legs, and night cramps.

If you’re having trouble with varicose veins and wearing pantyhose or knee socks is not helping, talk to your doctor about compression stockings.

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