Your Risk of Bone Fractures Goes up Because of This

sleep and bonesOsteoporosis is most common among women over the age of 50. Tips to reduce your risk of bone fractures include getting enough calcium and vitamin D along with regular exercise. New research now suggests that getting adequate sleep is another integral part to healthy bones.

The new study found that women aged 50 to 79 are more likely to experience recurrent falls and bone fractures if they don’t obtain adequate amounts of sleep.


The study involved 157,306 women across the US. Over the course of seven years, each woman was asked to submit an annual “self-report” that outlined sleep logs along with how many falls or fractures they experienced.

The findings of the study determined that women who slept fewer than six hours or more than 10 hours had a 25 percent higher risk of falls and fractures compared to those who slept seven to eight hours. Therefore, too little and too much sleep can have a negative impact on bone health.

Lack of sleep is linked with several health complications including a higher risk of diabetes, obesity, depression, cancer, and overall increased risk of mortality.

This study not only re-enforces the importance of sleep but also adds an additional preventative tip to protect your bones as you age.

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