Bladder Leaks Are More Common Than Perceived

Bladder leaks are more common than perceivedIf you suffer from bladder leaks, you may think you’re suffering alone, but bladder leaks are more common than you think. A recent survey uncovered that 61 percent of women regularly deal with bladder leaks. Furthermore, the latest survey suggests that one-third of the 2,000 women surveyed experience multiple leaks a day.

Of the respondents, 19 percent said they experience leaks daily without fail, and 62 percent said they experience leaks in public. One in four respondents stated that their social life suffered as a result of bladder leaks. Over half of respondents felt embarrassment from their leaks, but this jumped to 70 percent when the leak occurred in public. Thirty-four percent felt ashamed, and 29 percent felt that experiencing leaks made them old.


Kejal Macdonald of the urine-proof underwear brand Icon explained “It’s no secret that bladder leaks happen often, but women are still so afraid of admitting to or discussing them at all. This survey demonstrates just how common leaks with adult women are and how that impacts their lives. Given all of this now evident information, it’s clear we have a long way to go to reduce the stigma surrounding bladder leaking.”

Many of the survey respondents stated that they didn’t do certain activities in fear of leaks in addition to avoiding many settings.

As for bladder leak treatments and remedies, 67 percent use panty liners, 51 percent use the bathroom multiple times before leaving the house, 39 percent avoid drinking water, and 22 percent use various rest stops throughout a trip.

Many women don’t realize that there are multiple options available to combat bladder leaks as they are too embarrassed to talk to their doctors about it. Speaking to your doctor is the first step in reducing bladder leak frequency along with improving your overall quality of life and taking back control of your bladder.

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