The Best Yoga Position for Better Circulation

warriorYoga has become quite popular among all groups as a type of exercise. It appeals to the masses because of its gentle nature but the ability to be customized based on a person’s skills. Furthermore, yoga isn’t just good for the body, but for the mind too.

There are several health benefits that yoga has been attributed to such as reducing joint pain, improving mobility, reducing stress, among other things.


Well, if you’re looking to improve your blood circulation, there is one move you should practice regularly.

Known as Virabhadrasana (Warrior pose), this position comes in four different varieties, with the third version being the best for improving blood circulation. But to work your way to the third version, it’s best you begin with one and progress your way to three.

Here is how you perform Warrior 1, Warrior 2, and Warrior 3 to improve blood circulation.

Warrior 1

  • Place your right foot in front and left foot to the back of the mat, creating a long stance
  • Turn your left heel slightly to create a 45-degree angle with your foot
  • Bend your right knee to as close to a 90-degree angle as possible
  • Bring both arms upwards with arms beside your ears
  • Try to make your hips straight

Warrior 2

  • Remain in the long stance
  • Your left foot should now be at a 90-degree angle (parallel with the end of the mat)
  • Bring your arms down with your right arm outreached to the front and left arm to the back
  • Ensure your right knee is stacked above your ankle and that it’s not leaning to the right or left

Warrior 3

  • Return to your Warrior 1 stance with arms above the head once again and your back foot at 45 degrees
  • Stretch out your toes so you have better balance and grip to your mat
  • Slowly begin to lean forward by raising your left leg and straightening out your right leg, arms are not in front but still beside your ears
  • This is a balancing pose so you may not get it at first, each time you practice try and lift your left leg higher and higher each time
  • To come out of this pose simply drop the back leg and return to Warrior 1

All these positions can be completed on the right and left side and can be practiced as a flow from one to another.

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