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10 Benefits of Celery Juice

Juicing has become a very popular trend, and for good reason. You can easily drink up a slew of vitamin-rich fruits and veggies quite quickly. One type of juice you should integrate into your daily diet due to the slew of health benefits associated with it is celery juice.

10 Benefits of Celery Juice

  • Lower blood pressure: Celery is rich in 3-n-butylphthalide, which is a compound known to reduce stress hormones in the body that are a contributing factor to high blood pressure.
  • Lower cholesterol: Studies have shown that drinking juice from two celery stocks is enough to reduce cholesterol by seven points. The same compound responsible for lowering blood pressure works to reduce cholesterol by amplifying steroid acids and secretion of bile.
  • Anti-aging: Celery is packed with a slew of vitamins that can nourish the skin and make it appear younger and glowing.
  • Protects against digestive woes: Celery is high in fiber, which keeps you regular.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Flavonoids found in celery have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation in the body is what can contribute to health problems.
  • Hydrates the skin: Aside from nourishing the skin with vitamins, celery is also high in water, which means your skin will be more hydrated.
  • Diuretic: Celery has sodium and potassium, which helps regulate fluids in the body along with promoting urination.
  • Weight loss: Celery juice is low in calories along with being filling, which means you can consume fewer calories in your meals if you fill up with celery juice. Just never use celery juice as a meal replacement.
  • Controls dandruff: Because celery is so hydrating, it nourishes the skin of the scalp from within, which may keep dandruff at bay.
  • Combats calcification: Calcification in the gallbladder, kidneys, or bladder can lead to health complications and the formation of stones. Celery helps the removal of waste and toxins, which can contribute to calcification to reduce the risk of it.

You can experience these health benefits, and a few more, if you integrate celery juice into your daily diet.

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