Aerobic Exercise Wards off Blood Sugar Spikes

Aerobic exercise blood sugar spikesIn type 2 diabetics, there is a risk of blood sugar spiking. This can be detrimental because it can cause unwanted symptoms such as blurred vision and dizziness. One good way to control blood sugar levels is through exercise, and the best type of exercise to reduce spikes in blood sugar levels is aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise has been found to improve insulin resistance along with lowering blood sugar levels.


The America Diabetes Association explained, “Aerobic exercise helps your body use insulin better. It makes your heart and bones strong, relieves stress, improves blood circulation and reduces your risk for heart disease by lowering blood glucose and blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels. Some examples of aerobic activities [include] brisk walking, dancing, swimming, playing tennis, [and] hiking.”

Exercise is a great way to not only control your diabetes, but it can assist with helping manage underlying medical conditions along with other factors that can contribute to type 2 diabetes.

Thousands of Americans are living with prediabetes or diabetes and may not even be aware. Type 2 diabetes is preventable, so it’s important to recognize the signs. Early signs of diabetes include excessive thirst, slow healing, insatiable hunger, sleep issues, and skin issues. If you notice these symptoms, speak to your doctor about being tested. Many lifestyle factors can help reduce your risk of diabetes and better control the condition.

If you do have diabetes, then it is wise to incorporate aerobic workouts into your treatment plan to prevent blood sugar spikes.

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