5 Best Breakfast Foods for a Healthy Heart

breakfast foodsThey don’t call breakfast the most important meal of the day for nothing. That first meal in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. It can influence your energy levels, your appetite later in the day, and even the foods you crave. But most importantly, it can help keep your heart healthy.

If you struggle to find the right breakfast foods, then let us help you out. These five quick and delicious ideas will go a long way in supporting your heart health and improving your overall health.

5 Heart-Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Yogurt and berries


Consider trying Greek yogurt topped with fresh or frozen berries, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, or nuts. This provides you with protein, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients to fuel your day.

Avocado toast

Some sprouted grain toast, avocado (mashed or sliced), one or two egg whites, and one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil will go a long way in improving your day. This meal contains healthy fats along with plenty of protein to keep you satisfied.


Oatmeal topped with berries or other fruits, nuts, seeds, and some cinnamon or vanilla flavoring is a delicious breakfast. Oatmeal has been shown to help reduce cholesterol levels along with keeping you fuller for longer.

Peanut butter

Spread natural nut butter on some sprouted grain toast. Feel free to add extra toppings like banana, other fruits, or seeds. This is a quick on-the-go meal that’ll take you back to your childhood and not leave you crashing midday.



If you have extra time, put together a Mediterranean omelet made up of eggs, spinach, tomato, and a bit of olive oil. The Mediterranean diet has been hailed for its heart benefits, so why not start your day off with a signature Mediterranean dish.

As you can see, you have options when it comes to eating a healthy breakfast that will keep you energized, help maintain a healthy weight, and above all, support your heart health. If you’ve been skimping out on breakfast, why not try to incorporate some of these ideas. Your heart will thank you.

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