Other factors causing falls in the elderly

$4 million in grants to help seniors from falls

Four million dollars in grants was awarded by the U.S. government’s Administration on Aging to help seniors avoid falling.

The funding will affect seven states in the next two years in an effort to help more than 18,000 Americans prevent falls.

Presented as part of the White House Conference on Aging, officials noted one in three Americans over 65 falls every year. These falls are attributed as the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in that age group.

“People who are afraid of falling often limit their activities to avoid situations that might cause a fall,” said Assistant Secretary for Aging and Administrator for Community Living Kathy Greenlee.  “But limiting activities can diminish physical fitness, which makes a fall more likely.”

The funding will help researchers develop tools so seniors can avoid painful injuries and the often arduous road to recovery.

Grants were awarded to seven associations and centers including the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging and California’s Partners in Care Foundation.


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