3 possible Zika virus vaccines found effective in monkeys

zika virus vaccineResearchers have found that three experimental vaccines against Zika virus proved to be effective in trials on monkeys. Human trials have not been conducted yet, but positive results in monkeys mean an important advance in Zika vaccine development.

Using non-human primates is an effective way to assess potential effectiveness and safety of a vaccine in humans. Researcher Dr. Dan Barouch explained, “This gives us substantial optimism moving into human trials.”


Other Zika vaccination studies are underway as well.

Earlier this month. U.S. health officials announced the start of clinical trials on humans for a Zika vaccine. The DNA-based vaccine contains genetic particles of Zika virus that trigger an immune response.

The trial will involve 80 healthy participants who will be vaccinated and then observed for 44 weeks to assess the safety of the vaccine.
These ongoing studies, whether on monkeys or humans, offer some hope that we are steps closer to fighting the infection brought on by Zika virus. The growing threat of Zika makes the need for the effective vaccination and treatments urgent.

Brazil has been hit the hardest with Zika virus, but there is still a possibility that the virus could make its way to American soil.

The best way to avoid Zika virus it to practice mosquito bite prevention measures. This includes emptying any still water, wearing repellent, and wearing long clothing.

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