Weekly health news: Essential oils for depression, zika virus, swollen colon treatment, and enlarged bladder

essential oils for depressionThis week has been jam packed with interesting news topics and informative articles that we want to make sure you are all caught up with your weekly health news update. Feeling sad affects all of us with some being affected more than others, our article on essential oils for depression could be just the thing you need. The Zika virus has been a great health concern as of late and so we have brought you the latest information on the topic. Eating right not only helps you manage your weight but also helps you stay mentally sharp according to new research which we have provided information on. Lastly, to better round off your week, we have included articles on having an enlarged bladder and swollen colon treatment for your reading pleasure.

19 essential oils for depression

Everyone gets depressed from time to time, and treating yourself with medications can sometimes make the problem worse. However, there are alternatives—you can try essential oils for depression.


Anxiety and depression affect many people, and it isn’t always easy to just shrug it off. Turning to drugs may seem like a quick and easy fix, but often times, those medications come with side effects, are hard to wean off of, or can make the condition worse. Aromatherapy is considered an all-natural way to address nervous system disorders like depression. It involves the use of essential oils to fight the condition and prevent further episodes. Continue reading…

New Zika vaccines may prevent virus transmission during pregnancyNew Zika vaccines may prevent virus transmission during pregnancy

Two new experimental vaccines restricted the transmission of Zika virus to fetuses in pregnant mice.

Researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) have developed and tested two new vaccines. While these vaccines are still in the experimental stages, their effects are promising. There are not currently any vaccines available commercially to treat Zika virus or prevent it from affecting a fetus in utero when the mother develops it.

This study is the first to use animal trials to show that transmission of the virus can be prevented in fetuses if taken before contraception. The two vaccines used in the experiment transfer the protection from the mother to her fetus, in utero. Continue reading…

Swollen colon treatmentSwollen colon treatment: Home remedies and foods to eat

Seeking swollen colon treatment can often lead you to take over-the-counter medication to help relieve its symptoms. While not all cases of a swollen colon should be managed on your own, there are some instances where symptoms are mild enough that simply making a few modifications to your lifestyle can help control the condition.

Cases of swollen colon that are the result of autoimmune disorders should be handled by a trained professional. These are instances where the body’s immune system attacks itself, with the intestines being the prime target. But not all cases of swollen colon are due to such circumstances; instead they may be caused by things you can modify in your day-to-day life. Continue reading…

Boost brain function with a healthy dietBoost brain function with a healthy diet: Study

Eating right should be a priority for everyone. A healthy diet provides you with the nutrients you need and limits the amount of processed ingredients that linger in your body. Healthy eating is often viewed as a way to manage weight, but according to a new study, it can also help prevent dementia.


Dementia is a long-term memory disorder. It can also manifest as personality changes and impaired reasoning. The most common cause of dementia in old age is Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading…

enlarged bladderWhat is an enlarged bladder? Causes and symptoms

An enlarged bladder is a medical condition where the sac involved in holding urine becomes larger than normal. It is referred to in the medical community as bladder hypertrophy. The condition is characterized by thicker bladder walls that become larger from overstretching.

An enlarged urinary bladder may occur from birth, while other enlarged bladder causes are the result of an obstruction of some sort, most likely post-renal or in the bladder itself. This leads to an abnormally high volume of urine in the bladder that fails to empty as it normally would. Continue reading…


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